Energy is a contribution to the future, electricity is playing an increasingly important role here. This is not only visible when the power fails. Electricity cannot be replaced! EPOOL is YOUR partner in all questions of energy.

The use of energy, the generation of electricity, the secure transmission and distribution via the networks to the applications at the customers are IMPORTANT TO YOU AND US, also in connection with the respective aspects of the climate crisis and the following requirements.
We deal with all associated concepts and strategies.

Our international customers range from Austria to Germany, Switzerland to Belarus.

A brief overview of our services is shown below:
  • Conception and planning of systems, e.g. photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, hydraulic generation systems, ...
  •  Energy concepts, with associated energy balances
  •  Feasibility studies
  •  Planning, calculation, analysis of energy networks
  •  Technical, economic and legal issues relating to energy generation, networks and end uses
  •  Self-sufficiency concepts
  •  Security of supply
  •  Crisis prevention
  •  ...
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